This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
tint-eval Evaluation scripts for the Tint pipeline
tint-resources Java helpers for Tint retraining
tint-digimorph DigiMorph, an Italian morphological analyzer
tint-digimorph-annotator Stanford annotator for DigiMorph
tint-tokenizer The Tint tokenizer and sentence splitter
tint-runner The Tint launcher
tint-readability Readability module
tint-heideltime-annotator Stanford Annotator for Heideltime
tint-models Models for Tint modules
tint-inverse-digimorph Stanford annotator for inverse DigiMorph morphology
tint-simplifier Tint module for Italian syntactic simplification
tint-verb Verb mood/tense identification for Italian
tint-upos Universal POS converter

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Last Published: 2018/01/04.

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